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Cloud Case Study Published!

I am delighted to see a Case Study based on the work my team has completed building and deploying a Cloud environment using Microsoft virtualisation technologies has just been released, you can grab it here.

Lionbridge, (My Employer) has created a Virtual Cloud Lab using Hyper-V and System Centre and give secure, global access to it using Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services, reducing our hardware costs by 80 percent as as result of the effort, while also standardized the testing environments, accelerated machine provisioning, and enhanced security and business continuity.

The lab itself is in Boston and is currently 9 servers running around 300 virtual machines – this will reduce down to 6 physical servers in the not too distant future. We are using the Self Service Portal feature of System Centre Virtual Machine Manager to dynamically deploy new environments without any input from the local IT staff.

Its only the beginning!

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