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Evolving the Cloud

During the past 2 years hosting our cloud, we have migrating form Windows 2008 and Virtual Machine Manager 2008, to the current releases of Windows 2008 R2, and Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2; which combined with the features within the self service portal, have served us well, and thought us a lot.

Learning’s, on how to implement features correctly, and painful experiences when we do not structure stuff well. Like all technologies, with experiences we learn to live with poor processes, and often consider alternative approaches.

The time has finally come, to address some of these issues, and begin a process of deploying a more accessible environment, while simplifying the experience for both the Administrator and more importantly, our users.

Over the coming weeks, I will post learning’s, tricks, challenges, and even some guides as we begin this digression and prepare to release a new interface to our private cloud.

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