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Alive, 2011?

Ok, I admit that I have been a little quite for the past few weeks getting some new information posted, but there is a great reason for that. I had the pleasure of meeting the darn “N1H1” virus personally, which together we spent just over 2 weeks getting acquainted, and not to be rude but I was mighty happy to when we departed company.

2011 has started off as another very busy year with new goals and objectives and of course their own deadlines. The theme is clearly about the cloud, and again this year we focusing on the next steps in advancing our private implementation even further and adding additional HA support.

As you may have figured by now, I do have additional responsibilities outside the VM world, and this year I will share more of what is going on in these other areas also, which will include Active Directory Services, Exchange, Lync, etc. so if some of these are not to your taste do be sure to update your RSS to one of the topic specific feeds.

Now, I think its about time we started with some tech stuff.

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