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Windows Users Group Demo


Since the beginning of the year I have be in contact with a lot more fellow IT Pro’s here in Ireland, and I have learned of some of the cool stuff that happens in the big smoke. One of the people I have been in communication with is fellow MVP, Aiden Finn.

Aiden is responsible for the Windows Users Group in Ireland (i think he forgot about us westies, but we will let him off for now). Later this morning Aiden has been organising with MS Ireland and a few other MVP’s a really interesting days for IT Pro’s to meet up, in the Guinness Store House to share some of the cool stuff we get to work on, and hopeful help out in your question to use these technologies and answer some of your questions.

I am joining the team and will present a technical session on Dynamic Datacenter, and Private Cloud using Microsoft Products, which should be fun.

The only issue is that my free time is about to vanish as I figure out how to build a demo rig so we can do some live examples on the day.

If you are interested in checking this out, I suggest you swing by the Windows Users group blog, and check out this post for more details and to get registered!!

Event: From The Desktop to the Cloud: Let’s Manage, Monitor and Deploy

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