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DDLAB–Create The Forest

Welcome back, at this point we should have 3 servers ready for our lab build which will each have received an installation of Windows 2008R2, had their network connections Patched up, and IP addresses assigned as per our plan.

This time we are going to focus on getting the basic domain services online so that we can begin with the foundation for our lab. The first step in this path will be installing AD on our main server and setting up a DHCP server for our clients

PowerShell and the CLI

As i have to rebuild the Lab deployment far to often, I am going to do as much as i can from the shell as that will save me some time clicking wizards, and installing services Like Active Directory and DHCP are not really overly challenging for a small setup like ours.

To get started I am going to launch my PowerShell console and Load up the Server Manager module so that we can install the roles and features

Import-Module ServerManager
Get-Command –module ServerManager
Add-WindowsFeature ADDS-Domain-Controller,DHCP


Active Directory

Setting up Active Directory for the Lab is actually going to be pretty easy since this is going to be new clean forest and we have no worries about other forests of domains to be concerned with.

I am going to set the following settings:

  • Domain Name: damianflynn.demo

  • DNS Name: damianflynn.demo

  • Netbios Name: DF-DEMO

  • Administrator Password: Use the current Local Administrator Password

  • Forest Level: Windows 2008 R2

  • Domain Level: Windows 2008 R2

Issue the following command, and after a few minutes the servers will reboot for us. After which we will be logging in as the Domain Administrator.

dcpromo /unattend /InstallDns:yes /replicaOrNewDomain:domain /newDomain:forest /newDomainDnsName:damianflynn.demo /DomainNetbiosName:df-demo /databasePath:c:ntdsdata /logPath:c:ntdslogs /sysvolpath:c:windowssysvol /safeModeAdminPassword:D1saster! /domainLevel:4 /forestLevel:4 /rebootOnCompletion:yes

After rebooting, we will have a new Domain Controller, DNS server and a DHCP server ready for configuring.


Let’s configure the DHCP Servers scope so that we are prepared for any clients which might show up on the network needing a non static address, and more importantly we will make use of this a little later when we look at the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.

in the following script we will complete these steps

  • Configure the DHCP Server Service for Automatic Start up

  • Start the DHCP Server Running now

  • Authorize the DHCP in our new Active Directory

  • Configure the DHCP Server:

    • Set the Scope for our lab to and call it DF-Demo-Scope

    • Add a Pool of addresses for to

    • Set the Default Gateway (Option 003) to

    • Set the DNS Servers (Option 005) to (This Server)

    • Activate the Scope

    set-service dhcpserver –startuptype automatic –status running

    netsh dhcp add server LAB-SVR01

    netsh dhcp server add scope DF-Demo-Scope Demo-Scope

    netsh dhcp server scope add iprange netsh dhcp server scope set optionvalue 003 IPADDRESS

    netsh dhcp server scope set optionvalue 005 IPADDRESS

    netsh dhcp server LAN-SVR01 scope set state 1

Now, that was quick right.

Organisational Units

Right, last task for the day, is to create some Organisational Units to host some services, users and computers for the rest of our deployment.

Import-Module ActiveDirectory 

New-ADOrganizationalUnit -Name OU=Operations,dc=damianflynn,dc=demo
New-ADOrganizationalUnit -Name OU=Users,OU=Operations,dc=damianflynn,dc=demo
New-ADOrganizationalUnit -Name OU=Services,OU=Operations,dc=damianflynn,dc=demo
New-ADOrganizationalUnit -Name OU=Computers,OU=Operations,dc=damianflynn,dc=demo

New-ADUser -Name "Damian Flynn" -SamAccountName Damian.Flynn -Description "Damians User Account" -Enabled $true -AccountPassword (Read-Host -AsSecureString "Password") -Path "OU=Users,OU=Operations,dc=damianflynn,dc=demo"

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