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Elve 1.2–New Drivers Added

Elve 1.2 is about to be released, its currently in late beta, and I just learned that my newest 2 drivers are about to be included in the shipping build.

The first of these will be the **Clipsal C-Bus **driver, supports control and monitoring. This driver is coded to interface with the Lighting Application, and to interface to the C-Bus network using the 5500PC module via RS232. This protocol is locked to 9600 Baud, and the driver we reset the interface at start-up

The Second driver will be the SageTV Info Popup, which sends messages to the SageTV Infopopup Plug-In. This driver is pretty simple in design and simply allows us to present a popup notification on the SageTV screen. The Service provides no feedback so this driver is a single shoot option

For more details check the CodeCore Technologies site, for the most up to date information.

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