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SCVMM Self Service Portal 2.0 SP1 Released!

This evening Microsoft have announced the release of SCVMM SSP2.0 SP1, (yep that’s a mouth full) in its full glory for you to deploy and use with your System Centre Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 environment.

Suveen and the Team announced this Solution Accelerator at Tech-Ed Europe last year, and today deliver the announcement that “System Centre Virtual Machine Manager Self-Service Portal 2.0 SP1 is a partner-extensible toolkit that enables customers to dynamically pool, allocate, and manage their datacentre resources, to offer infrastructure as a service for their organization. The self-service portal is a free Solution Accelerator, and is fully supported by Microsoft. In addition to providing users the ability to import virtual machines created outside the self-service portal, this new version is now localized in Japanese, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese.”

I have covered in some detail the installation and configuration of this tool set earlier in the year, so you can check back at these posts for some installation support for Installation of SSP 2.0 SP1 and how to get the initial configuration online

So, take a spin over to the Microsoft Download Centre (Here) to grab the latest code, and the Solution Centre Site for more information.

Feel free to post questions, and Congratulations to Suveen on his team on reaching the final milestone.

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