Digital Nervous System Making Incredible Software, Incredibly Simple


After only 6 weeks working on the new Beta builds of Orchestrator 2012; I have to admit this is one suite which has a lot of potential.

Sure, there are things which could be changed, and would make the tools even better, however due course will sort these issues for sure, For now we can learn about the benefits of using a simple suite to help automate task without a major investment in learning curves.

My initial experience with the suite has been illuminating, the scale of opportunities to change the manner and process of how different task and jobs can be address is just amazing. Every time I open the Run book Designer, even more ideas spring to mind; but the real magic is within the simplicity of using the designer to simply draw your process on the canvas, similar to a mind map; however with just a little extra work the map can be completed as a workflow, bringing you process to life as an automated solution, from where you can then start working on the fine tuning.

If you have not grabbed the current Beta, then i really recommend that you change that as soon as possible, making excuses that you do not have time, is just a false economy, you will nicely impressed with the ease of installation and simplicity of use to get this tool suite moving.

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