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Orchestrator CEP July Winner!

Holy Crap, Just 6 weeks of playing with this fantastic tool, and I just find out that I have scored the gold and been awarded the July winner for the CEP Competition.

I have had a lot of fun learning how to create IPs and address some real business needs as we get some run books online to automate some of the more error prone repeatable tasks; and working with the F5 Load Balancer is just one of the main technologies which I need to integrate with.

I need to take a few moments to thank everyone who has indirectly helped in this process

  • The Pluralsight team for their awesome training materials – Helping an IT Pro remember how to code again!
  • Mr Charles Joy for his awesome blog and 8-Minute videos on Orchestrator, It was a real pleasure meeting this man in person
  • The SCOrch team, Chris, Chris, Robert, Jim, Adam, and everyone else hidden behind the scenes, for suffering my questions!
  • JetBrains and nSoftware for sharing their fantastic tools.
  • F5, the support team and forum members for their excellent iControl interface and guidance
  • My forerunners, whom have created some fantastic IPs, and shared also on CodePlex, Cheers.

If you have not taken the opportunity to download the new Orchestrator 2012 Beta, then stop wasting time here, and repeating daily tasks, make your time worth more NOW!

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