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What’s in your Hyper-V?

One of the greatest advantages of my job is working directly with some of the finest talent’s within Microsoft, and the technology community around the globe. If we consider that fact that we are now also on the cusp of a brand new wave of technology announcements, we are going have a lot of interesting stuff to speak about.

However, as a blogger and speaker, I find it all to easy to address the issues which I personally encounter, and make assumptions that everyone has the same practices and experiences as I do (Both Good and Bad!).

So, in collaboration with my Fellow MVP’s, Aidan Finn (Hyper-V) and Hans Vredevoort (Failover Clustering) we have created the Great Big Hyper-V Survey of 2011.

The survey is designed to help us understand how you currently employ virtualisation using Microsoft’s Hyper-V, including your Hyper-V Environment, your Installation Practices, how you manage the environment, and your perspective on private cloud. All the questions are very high level designed to help us draw some conclusions on how we as a community use the technology’s we have currently, and identify what we all see as the good and the evil. And permit us to go back on your behalf as a community to clearly highlight the real weaknesses in the product we would like to have some attention focused on.


The Survey

The complete survey should take no more than 5 minutes, All the questions are simply Multi-Choice options, so no long stories to type (although we would welcome any comments and feedback which you may have).

Everything is high level, there are no questions looking for your personal or company information, and Microsoft has absolutely no input or involvement in the survey.

All the data we collect will be shared back out on our blogs, available for the world to digest.

The Survey is all about your opinion and your experience, so do not be worried about multiple people in your company participating, we are interested in your perspective.

Please take 5 minutes to click this link answer the simple questions, and let us share the results with you after September 5th. If we see trends on the good stuff we will tell you, If we see trends on the bad stuff, we will tell you and Microsoft!!!

The more people we can encourage to comment the better, so please do share the links, and you what ever medium you care for to discuss, comment and share the survey. All the data will be shared, so you can also draw your own conclusions.

Now click here to see just how simple and fast this really is.

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