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The Road to SC 2012

I am sure some of you have already begun to think about how you are going to implement and deploy your new 2012 infrastructure; I certainly have been considering this for the last few month’s, mainly due to the fact that one of my responsibilities in a TAP program is to get some real world testing of the solution while balancing this with the business impact of running Beta (and sometimes earlier) code in a live workplace.

This of course also invites the though on servers, migrations, cut-overs, support, documentation, and the list goes on…

So, this morning, with the clear knowledge that the RC wave of updates is very close to us, the time is neigh to start into this exercise again and work a plan to power off the current generation servers and embrace the new.

As this is a process I am sure you are all going to endure during the RTM Cycle, I will share my experience on the RC cycle so that you can follow on the good and bad experiences; and some of the issues which need to be considered when working with multiple technologies are different revision levels which don’t like to work together.

Remember its not that many weeks ago we got our hands on the new Linux ICs which really peeved off SCVMM Smile

Let the tears begin.

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