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What’s In your Hyper-V? The answers are In!

And it is with great appreciation to everyone who has taken the time to relax and click trough the **Great BIG Hyper-V Survey of 2011. **It is hard to believe that 4 weeks have passed and earlier this morning we closed the submissions on this survey.

If you were one of the many people taking the time out to fill in the survey, I am sure you are asking yourself, am I in the majority or minority? Is this how others are deploying infrastructure? Backup or Not? the questions are endless.

Well, Aiden, Hans and Myself will start to share all the learning very very soon. If you have a question, use the comments or twitter and between us we will get you our perspective on the results gathered…

So now… Can you guess how many use Hyper-V? Failover Cluster Manger OR SCVMM?…..

All will be revealed.

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