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App Controller SQL Agent jobs installed

Resetting my lab I needed to remove my App Controller installation after a problem on the VM hosting the software. The approach i tool was to use SQL management studio to remove the AppController database from the server, and refreshed the Virtual Machine which I am deploying to.

However during installation I was presented with a problem I was not expecting to see, while on the installation screen “Configure the SQL Server database”


This calls for another trip back to the SQL server, as I figured by dropping the database everything was going to be fine. Obviously this is not the case, so back on the SQL Server Management Studio I needed to expand the SQL Server Agent node, to locate the Jobs node. Expanding the Jobs node I could find two possible culprits.


By Right Clicking on each of these to jobs CloudManagerDailyJobGroomer and CloudManagerOrphanedJobMarker, I selected Delete from the context menu to remove these.

Now, back to the AppController installation, and click Next on the page to retest the SQL connection and this time everything should be good!

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