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Subscribing to Windows Azure

The actual process of subscribing to Windows Azure is relatively easy; all that is required is a Windows Live Account along with a Credit Card which will be charged for any service usage which is beyond the allocation offered in the selected trail or offer.

We start by pointing our Browser to and selecting from either the Free Trial or Buy options on the site. After selecting the option which is most suitable, you will be required to Sign In with your Windows Live ID or create one if you have none currently.

After signing in you will be presented with a 3 step Wizard

**Step** **Screenshot**
**Contact Information** You will be required to provide your contact information which will be used by Microsoft Azure for your information and Billing related to the service [![F11a01_Screenshot](/Media/2014/02/F11a01_Screenshot_thumb.png)](/Media/2014/02/F11a01_Screenshot.png)
**Pricing and Online Subscription Agreement** You subscription details will be presented, along with the Agreement for your review and acknowledgement prior to continuing [![F11a02_Screenshot](/Media/2014/02/F11a02_Screenshot_thumb.png)](/Media/2014/02/F11a02_Screenshot.png)
**Billing Information** Now we have the opportunity to provide our Credit Card details for the billings associated to our new Subscription [![F11a03_Screenshot](/Media/2014/02/F11a03_Screenshot_thumb.png)](/Media/2014/02/F11a03_Screenshot.png)

After your payment method has being verified your subscription will be provisioned; and you are good to go!


After which you will have access to the Azure Service and will be directed to the Management Page.


You can keep a close eye on billing also from your account page


That was easy right?

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