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MMS 2012 Take Away

What a great week, MMS 2012 is clearly one to be remembers with the official launch of System Centre 2012, and a peek into the future. The week was very long starting every morning with breakfast meetings at 7am, following through with 5 additional presentations normally ending at 5.15pm. After the presentations completed, we then moved into focus topics (these were called Birds of a Feather sessions), discussing @ level 200-400 both solutions and issues, lasting anywhere from 45 minutes to 2.5 hours.

The evenings were then booked for parties, which were normally invite only, and pre-arranged; these were either customer of group focused, and offered opportunities for some selling, but more so, access to the architects behind some of the world’s most interesting technologies, these included F5, Fusion IO, HP and Dells Private Cloud Fast Track (complete fabric), Cisco UCS and Microsoft’s own groups. Most of the parties overlapped which made for interesting navigation of selecting the correct place to be, and when – there was no point in attending if the key players were not going to be available, which means you plan the opposite schedule to everyone else!

Through the week there were a number of NDA sessions focused either on MVP or TAP participation, along with some Focus Groups preparing for the 2013 – 2015 wave of OS and Managements stacks; these were very interesting but I can’t talk about them or I would have to ….

As the knowledge and training value of this week is just astonishing, I strongly recommend that you watch the online archive of the weeks presentations, or download the complete available catalogue of presentations for off line viewing using the magic of PowerShell (Check out this SCOMfaq Post for the process). There is a good PDF on the MMS Digital site overviewing all the presentations to help you select what you would like to watch first..

If you have any questions please reach out, there is just so much information to disseminate over the next days and weeks, after speaking with literally 100’s of people.

I also had the opportunity to meet with the publish of my forthcoming book, and was delighted to hear that pre-orders are going well on Amazon ( Microsoft Private Cloud Computing on Amazon ), and a number of presenters over the week were kind enough to include a slide in their decks or at the end of their sessions, Thank you all for this.

This week is also working out to be another busy one, I am going to be in Studio, Hive, Manchester, UK on Wednesday and Thursday, Co-Hosting an IT Camp with Microsoft UK, and a fellow MVP; the two day course will be focused on Hyper-V and Clustering on Day 1, and System Centre Private Cloud in Day 2.

Enjoy the sessions, and Celebrate the Release of SC2012!

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