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Technet UK - Manchester IT Camp

First 2 day camp is done and it was good fun., fast paced, and very interactive. Andrew, Simon and Alex have these camps well mastered, with less then 30 minutes of power points to be seen during the course of the 2 days. The content is very much driven by the attendees, right down to the point that Andrew and Simon are like the new generation Rolf Harris, drawing images on paper as they depict on the screen for everyone in great detail how everything gel’s – It is very refreshing.

Day 1 we covered in great detail virtualisation, of course primarily focused on Hyper-V; but this time from the ground up; with every attendee armed with their personal laptops, we introduced Virtual hard disks, their usage scenarios and their different types. following the idea od Boot from VHD we distributed a pre-created image on sneaker net to all the attendees, and configured BCDEDIT to get the laptops all running the new Virtual Disk.

Many of the machines did not reach the spec, and we were left with about 1/4 which were hyper-v ready. With the room cabled up from the start of the day, we connected these users to our camp network, which was already running a DC, a 3 node Hyper-V cluster, a QNAP box for iSCSI; with a few VMs running System Centre. By the end of the day we had all joined the cluster and live migrated some VM’s between laptops over our environment.

Day 2 was even better, about 50% of the day 1 attendees were back, and the rest of the space was with new faces; and we started all over again on a clean white sheet – no joking, as we figured out what the day would bring. after a quick introduction to the suite, and some debate we agreed the content, and got on with diving deep into the tools. In the morning we got VMM, Operations Manager new APM feature and Orchestrator all covered; the afternoon was really technical as we pulled this together and loaded up from blank a new service offering in service manager, which exercised the work in orchestrator to get some VM alterations working.

After some additional discussions on Licensing, installation approaches, scenario driven objectives, and a pile of Q+A from the delegates, the day was finally drawn to a close.

If you have an opportunity to join these Tech Days – IT Camps, then don’t miss the opportunity, even if this is not new to you, the fun and learning you will get is second to none, and its FREE!

Thank you Andrew, Simon and Alex for the opportunity to help out; and of course the team who visited us in Manchester who made the event. Roll on June as we get to do this again in Bristol; if you are in the area – be sure to sign up.

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