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SCO Exchange 2010 Management IP

Cool Stuff – this just hit the TechNet Gallery; created by Bart Timmermans** from Inovativ, added some really cool new features to the awesome Orchestrator 2012 product. This is how Bart introduces this pack on TechNet – Grab it HERE

I hope Bart will keep developing this IP, as it would be really good to see even more activities added to this pack; User Mailbox management comes to mind.

Fantastic work regardless.

[This integration pack]( is an addition on the already available Exchange Mail and Exchange calendaring integration packs. This IP will allow you to automate all (or at least most of them) Exchange (2010) related management tasks. For example: > > * Adding and removing mailbox permissions > * Changing the Quota of a mailbox. > * Mailbox database and DAG management. > > All activities are aware of your Exchange environment. There is no need to select a specific server. A server is automatically selected based on availability. There is also no need to install the Exchange Management Console or PowerShell cmdlets. All activities use remote PowerShell to connect to your Exchange environment. > > ![]( > > Documentation is included in the ZIP file which explains most of the features including input parameters and published data. Integration with Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Manager is possible. > >

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