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I’m Back!

Good gosh, looks like I have been ignoring my own blog, which is just wrong in so many ways.

I have not being slacking, that I promise; the last 2 months have being a complete nightmare which oh so much happening. But it is all good.

022813_1806_ImBack1The year started off on a high again as I was renewed for the 3rd year in a row as a MVP – so first and foremost, thank you to all that have helped make this real again both online and offline. Once again the focus of choice is Cloud and Datacenter Management, which translates to Windows Server / System Center, or the Cool Stuff…

022813_1806_ImBack2The beginning of January was swallowed up with the final edits for the second book, which from the drafts I had the opportunity to read from my fellow authors, namely Aidan, Patrick and Michel, this will be a bible you are going to want to have on your desk at all times; some of the details and reference trapped inside the 550 page is amazing; I even found myself looking up some details from Michel’s chapter yesterday when debating with my colleague whether he should not leave the Hyper-V host reserve alone – Awesome (And no – I don’t have copies yet either, just the private drafts). This one is on the shelves in March, so be sure to check it out.

022813_1806_ImBack3While all this work was happening, we also kicked off the year we the amazing VIRTy Alley event, digging deep into the depths of VMWare and Hyper-V. If you missed this event, don’t panic – it is still available online, so you can grab the slides and watch the presentations - and please no laughing. The information is at this URL: My topic for the event is the new Software Defined Networks feature in Windows 2012; which I also cover in even more detail in the book!

Then we have Orchestrator, this is my System Centre Blood at the moment for my Day Job, as we get close to wrapping up a new SaaS solution, and a major project to move ID Management to SAP. Both of these projects are leveraging the Microsoft Forefront Identity Management 2010 R2, Synchronisation service to keep our AD and Line of Business applications in sync; and with the power of Orchestrator we manage, control and log all the steps hundreds of times a day. Cool stuff! I did need to go under the hood and published a new Integration Management Pack for FIM out on Codeplex ( ) just in case you might need to do the same someday (there is an update in my local repository ready for publishing – ill sort that out on Monday, Promise! Which has 1 new activity).

I also had the opportunity to contribute the feature article on the just release TechNet UK February 2013 newsletter, with some pointers on Orchestrator SP1, and the community Integration packs…

Then it was off to Boston for a week, before heading on to the as always brilliant MVP Summit; getting the opportunity to meet so many Guru’s and heckle the Microsoft Product groups. Before finally returning back to the currently “Smelly” Irish countryside.

If you are by now tiered reading this, then I’ll just sneak in a plug to the blog postings which I have being co-authoring with Nigel Cain from Microsoft, and the VMM team, covering all that is new and confusing in the world of Network Virtualization; these are LONG and detailed posts, with many more to come, but Highly recommended reading if you are considering deploying VMM 2012 SP1 to production. This will link you to the latest post we published -

What’s next?

Next week, Cisco will present to the world the new Nexus 1000v Virtual Switch for Windows 2012, and VMM; I am joining the Launch party guess presenters list on March 6th so some slides to wrap up for that.

Then its MMS, together with Nigel, we will take to the podium to chat about our SP1 experiences, and try to share some tricks, trips and traps!

I have a surprise poster to share with you also, but it’s not ready just yet, it is still a work in progress, but as a tease, here is a sneak peek…


See you soon


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