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Nexus 1000v Online Lab

Yesterday, was an all-important day with the Public Beta launch of the Nexus 1000v for Hyper-V. If you missed the Live Presentation, the recording and deck are now available on the Cisco Nexus Community website.


Delivering the first truly distributed switch for the Hyper-V platform, a lot of new concepts and possibilities are truly now a reality.

Join the Beta

I can only urge you to follow the steps in the slide below, and join the Beta program


Then within a few hours you will be greeted with a message similar to the following, directing you to the Beta site, and an active community


Online Lab

Alternatively, if you are resource locked, I can suggest you take a look at the online labs hosted publically. This is not specifically the newest Nexus 1000v, and you will not get to see the hypervisor or management consoles, but will give you access to see how the Nexus 1000v seamlessly integrates with other networking hardware and devices, from the network engineers perspective.


Check out this free resource (Contributions accepted / No affiliation) at



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