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Managing Hyper-V NVGRE with PowerShell

If you are still wrapping your head around the NVGRE technology which Microsoft has introduced in Windows 2012, and want to get down and dirty into how this stuff actually ticks, then I have some great news for you.

Following the recent presentation and whitepapers which were just published a few weeks ago, as we “Unravelling the Network”, explaining at a higher level just how these technologies play together to create a seamless implementation for software defined networking, we are now going to deep dive.

In association with the Microsoft MVP Pro Speaker series, on Tuesday July 9th at 8am EST I will present a 1 hour session demonstrating what needs to happen on the Hosts and VMs to bring NVGRE to life, using nothing but PowerShell.

This presentation is targeted as the Level 300/400 so I am going to really recommend that you take an hour upfront and watch the presentation with Savision if you have not yet had the opportunity.

Otherwise, please spread the word, and join me tomorrow for what promises to be an interesting session, with content not presented before on the How To, for NVGRE.

UPDATE: Recording is now attached to this post

All you need is a copy of Lync, or use the WebApp, and connect with this URL

Hope to see you there


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