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R2 Preview – New Free Offerings

Assuming you are playing in the lab with the new R2 Bits, then I have some helpful nuggets for you to digest.

The first of these, is that Microsoft have now made available the new Integration packs for the R2 Preview series of product, If like me, you are a bit of an Orchestrator nerd, then you will want the link J

Now, as good as this is, I have something better. What have you planned for Monday (July 15th 2013)? Well, if you truly want to learn a lot more about the R2 preview products, and see what it really takes to get these running in your lab, then all I can say is, Cancel all standing appointments, and mark out 8 hours, starting at 9am. Got your attention right? So here is the inside story:

  • This is a live, public, free, online event, all you have to do is sign up today: This event will be recorded and available on the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) several weeks later, so even if you cannot make the live event, sign up anyway so that you receive a notification once the course is available on the MVA.


01 Introduction to the Cloud OS
02 Infrastructure Provisioning
03 Infrastructure Monitoring
04 Application Management
05 Automation
06 IT Service Management

Symon and Kenon will show the goods, while a bunch of MVP’s (me Included), will be manning the Q&A sessions to help you out, it’s going to be a lot of fun and learning.

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