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Joining PETRI.CO.IL As WS/SC Author

petrimainlogoAs we spend time, fine turning our support mechanisms, one of the go-to locations which I spent a lot of time in my early years leveraging was the somewhat infamous “ IT Knowledgebase”.

We, now I am about to announce something which I never  expected to announce, but I am delighted to be joining the authoring team, with sole focus on Windows Server / System Center.

There is a lot to cover, and I have not yet figured out how I am going to segregate the information which will be posted here, and also on the Knowledgebase, but I am sure that over time this I will indeed sort out.

So, If you are interested in keeping up with my sharing’s, I suggest you add the new RSS feed

I have lots to share, and as i get some of the content organised, I will post some links here to the series as they pull together.

Interesting times ahead

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