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Site Updates

I am afraid that over the last few months my personal blog site has taken a back seat, as I focused on a heavy workload; but rest assured I have some good plans on how to make this site even more valuable as we move into 2014.

So what have i being working on? Well first off, on the blogging side I have focused my efforts on updating the Petri Knowledge Base with a lot of new content on System Center technologies; I have been a fan of Petri for many years, due to the fact that unlike many sites its content was free, simple and to the point. Much of that has not changed, but as Software has begun to get more complicated, so are the simple how-to guides.

So, make sure you book mark and check out the great content on that site, from some familiar names.

There there are the presentations, and over the last few months its been very busy. Ill post some links to the sessions which made it to be recorded, and I have also started to upload a lot of the slide decks to slide share if you would like to review.

And if all that was not enough, I have done it again, and with a Nigel Cain (my Microsoft partner in crime whom worked with me on the Networking posts we published on the Technet blogs earlier this year), Michel Luescher (one of my Co-Authors on the Hyper-V Installation and Configuration Book), and Alvin Morales (The MS Guy you will speak to when you open a P1 support case for SCVMM issues) we have attached yet another book to add to our growing collection.

This one will be available later January, so treat yourself to a nice Christmas gift and pre-order today - Microsoft System Center: Building A Visualized Network!

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