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Book 3: Microsoft System Center: Building a Virtualized Network Solution

I am delighted to see that my 3rd book on Microsoft Private Cloud OS has gone public a few moments ago. This book is currently available for free as an eBook, or for around €10 in print from Amazon.

Microsoft System Center - Building a Virtualized Network Solution - Small

You can use the links below as a short cut to get the different versions:

[bullets color=”#ffffff” type=”theme” effect=”fadeInUp”] [bullet icon=”fa-gift”]Download the PDF (6.68 MB)[/bullet] [bullet icon=”fa-gift”]Download the EPUB file (25.4 MB)[/bullet] [bullet icon=”fa-gift”]Download the Mobi for Kindle file (45.4 MB)[/bullet] [/bullets]

None of this would have been possible without the co-operation and dedication of Nigel Cain (MS), who over the last 12 months, I have had the pleasure of blogging with on the System Center VMM blogs on this SDN topic, and from their to this book.

My co-Author Michel is back, after working on the earlier book on Hyper-V Configuration and Installation; and the guy that you will get when you call MS support on this great topic, Alvin was there to add his experience from the front line.

We also had a lot of technical reviewers on the project, almost to many to name, but I will call out my MVP colleagues Stan and Hans who were exposed to an early edit! Thanks’ Guys, and of course a thank you to each and everyone of the review team, with a special call out to the SCVMM Networking PM, Greg Cusanza.

This book is focused on the SP1 version of SCVMM, we are already working on the updates to cover the additions added in R2, including the cool NVGRE Gateway. Your feedback on this version is going to be greatly appreciated, and suggestions for the update version are welcomed – please comment on the post, mail me, or hit me on Twitter.


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