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Connecting to Azure with MPLS

I must not have been paying attention, but having a discussion with fellow MVP Ed Horley, I just realised that I missed what is a very important announcement for organisations or enterprises which would wish to embrace Azure as a true data-center alternative.

What am I referring to? MPLS of course. Apparently on the 18th of September, while I was making my way back from System Center Universe in Switzerland; the good people of AT&T and Microsoft announced an agreement to bridge the clouds with this magical networking technology.

This is an extract from that same announcement

DALLAS — Sept. 18, 2013 — [AT&T](** and Microsoft Corp. today announced they will deliver a security-enhanced and reliable [cloud solution]( that will allow enterprise customers to connect to Microsoft’s cloud platform using a private network. > > The new solution will use breakthrough cloud integration technology from AT&T to pair [virtual private networking]( with Microsoft’s industry-leading Windows Azure cloud platform. Customers of the solution are expected to benefit from the enterprise-grade security of virtual private networking, with as much as 50 percent lower latency than the public Internet, and access to cloud resources from any site using almost any wired or wireless device. > > “This is a game changer for businesses that have been seeking a more secure way to reap the benefits of cloud services,” said Andy Geisse, CEO, AT&T Business Solutions. “By bringing the security and performance of our virtual private network to Windows Azure, we expect to energize enterprise demand for cloud solutions.” > > Enterprises continue to cite concerns about security and reliable performance in their decision to adopt cloud computing. Working together, Microsoft and AT&T will address these concerns by enabling enterprise customers to quickly and reliably connect applications and services from their own datacenters (private clouds) to the Windows Azure cloud service using the protective confines and high transmission speeds of a highly-secure virtual private network. > >

You can find the Full details here -

And now, when you start budgeting for 2015, you need to take another look at your true costs, and potential new options… Just saying ;)

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