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2015 Microsoft MVP

Wow, its already Mid January and this poor blog has been getting a whole lot of neglect. Well don’t give up just yet, as things are about to get a little busy around here.

January 1st was once again a really great day with the arrival of my 5th confirmation mail from Microsoft, honoured to be endowed once again as a Cloud and Data Centre MVP.

So what happened to 2014 content, well quite a lot of that ended up being posted on a 3rd party blog site -; but for 2015 I am back home where I really belong. with Windows 10 in the air I can confirm we will have a lot to cover; I have also nuked out my lab over the last weeks, and have begun a complete ground up rebuild, and I have chosen to document this in all its gory details, which should make from some very interesting how-to content.

On a personal note, after 17 years of being very happily married, last September we were endowed with the miracle of a little girl, who to say has turned my blogging and book writing time upside down is nothing but an understatement, though I do think that there might be some form of routine peering trough the cracks again - of course this is now jinxed…

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