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TechDays Online UK 2015

Tuesday February 3rd 2015, sees the start of this year’s FREE Online (or in person) Technical event hosted by the Microsoft UK team. This is my 3rd time working on the event, and this year for the first time I am dumping the Skype connection and joining the team Live in Reading to present on the Day 2 - The Journey to the Cloud.

TechDays is an amazing event, and covers both Development and Operations tracks, with some really great information on how to get your procedures around the current generation of MS Technologies, with some very well-known names getting involved, Including Microsoft’s very own Jeffrey Snover and Scott Hanselman, and if you pay any attention to the Microsoft Rumour machines, then Mary Jo Foley is a name you will instantly recognise.

To get involved, all you need is a browser and some time; then OPEN THIS LINK

For more information on Day 1 and Day 3, please check this link for the latest details

**Time** **Session** **Speaker** **Overview**
**09:30-09:40** Overview of TechDays Online 2015 Day 2 Andrew Fryer, Microsoft UK An overview of the sessions for Day 1 of TechDays Online 2015 and how to make the most of your participation using the online chat tool to interact with our experts and where to find more information on the topics of particular interest to you.
**09:40-10:15** What's new Windows Server /Hyper –V - a technical preview Gordon McKenna, Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) Coming Soon!
**10:30-11:05** How to find out what's happening in your datacentre with Azure Insights Sam Erskine, Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) How do you view and execute IT Service Management (ITSM) for your datacentre and cloud services. What if you are not yet in the cloud and just have a traditional data centre? This session provides some of the many answers to these questions by introducing you to Microsoft Azure Operational Insights (OpInsights). You will learn how you can start benefiting from this flagship Microsoft Service with virtually no change to your datacentre. You will get a practical scenario based Introduction to OpInsights, learn about the three setup/connection options available. You explore the ITSM facets known as Intelligent Packs on multiple device interfaces. Finally you get an introduction to the multi-tenancy features. This session is for IT Pros , Managers and anyone with a vested interest in continual Organisational IT Service improvement.
**11:20-11:55 ** Host your own cloud with the Windows Azure Pack Damien Flynn, Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) Not using System Center? Unsure about Azure? Curious about Cloud? In this session we will demonstrate the Windows Azure Pack and how to go from zero to cloud in little time, initially delivering self-service databases, websites, and finally infrastructure in a consistent manner, service orientated manner.
**12:10-12:45 ** Taking scripting to the next level with Service Management / Azure Automation Jonathan Noble, Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) By now you should be sold on the advantages of systems automation, and hopefully you're using PowerShell to help you with that. Now you can use your PowerShell experience to create workflow-based runbooks to add service automation to your private or public clouds using SMA or Azure Automation. DevOps-simplify your infrastructure to save money, improve reliability and get some of your life back!
**13:30-14:05 ** A new home for your old applications Susan Smith, Microsoft UK This session will focus on Containerisation using Docker on Azure. The concept of Containerisation will be introduced and compared with other Virtualisation Technologies, followed by an overview of Docker. The Technical Demos will introduce elementary Azure tasks, such as creating a Docker Host on Azure. Then a step-by-step Technical Demo will illustrate how you can re-invent your Legacy applications through migration to Docker on Azure, by Deconstructing and then Containerising your Legacy App.
**14:20-14:55 ** 20% + of Azure runs on Linux - why is this important and how to do it well? Boris Devouge, Microsoft UK With Microsoft Azure providing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and strong of recent announcements showing that 20% of workloads in Azure run on Linux, this session will explore the best practices and different options to run and/or migrate Linux based workloads in the Cloud. We will also review the large subset of Open Source Software (OSS) and technologies available on Azure in area such as Test/Dev, CICD, Big Data (Hadoop) and containerisation (Docker).
**15:10-15:45 ** DevOps in Microsoft Azure with Chef and Puppet for heterogeneous cloud environments Tarun Arora, Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP)  
**16:00-16:35 ** Make Azure your DMZ Simon Skinner, Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) The advantages of using Azure today are more than beneficial to any organization, however true not all understand the baby sips we can take to start this journey. We are in the mature era of the web, a rapidly growing struggle to get representation or even full blown commerce site in full operation. Many companies what to have their site/s integrated into their internal system but without impacting on their networks or bandwidth, both have a cost. The solution could be simpler than you think, Azure! Make Azure 'your' DMZ. There is more resilience and bandwidth than most DMZs and your company stays in control. You choose the IP Range and can even control the traffic through the firewall, join my session and learn just how easy this can be.
**16:50-17:25 ** Microsoft Corporate Keynote and Interview - Jeffrey Snover Jeffrey Snover, Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft This session will focus on the open source interoperability that Powershell provides for other platforms and also provide an update on the Open Management Infrastructure (OMI) initiative that Microsoft has introduced with the Open Group.
**17:25-17:35 ** Wrap-up of TechDays Online Day 2 Andrew Fryer, Microsoft UK  

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