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Utility: Bing Wallpaper Downloader

One of the more challenging issues with building a big proof of concept environment with lots of different ADFS instances, is to make each distinguishable. The simplest way to accomplish this is to provide a nice graphic, however my artistic abilities leave much to be desired.

This lack of skill, requires a good Plan B: Grab the images which the nice people from Microsoft publish every day.

workflow Download-BingWallpaper {
	$ImageUrl = "" + ((Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $BingImageData | ConvertFrom-Json).images.url)
    $BingImagePayload = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $ImageUrl  
    Start-BitsTransfer -source $ImageUrl -Destination c:\temp\wallpaper.jpg

Now, to use this function we simply need to Download the graphic, and then take a look at the results.


Two points to note:

  1. I have hardcoded the download path and file name
  2. The Script is formatted as a workflow

Why? this is a subset of a task which I will share in another post, to automatically download the graphic and update my ADFS servers theme.

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