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Starting in Incubation

This morning I am proud and delighted to announce that I am now officially part of the amazing energy of the Lumagate team. I will continue be based in Ireland, but will be working close with the Lumagate team across the Nordics and throughout Europe, exercising my favourite motto – “Making Incredible Technology, Incredibly Simple!”

Learn more, about my new role and focus, by clicking below and reading the official press release.

Lumagate Press Release

Lumagate officially welcomes Damian Flynn, a long-time Microsoft’s Most Valued Professional and Cisco Champion, as an integral part of the Incubation team. A team solely dedicated to develop and package solutions for our customers with the latest and greatest technology from Microsoft.

Of course, Now that I am no longer part of an Enterprise organisation, please feel free to reach out and lets engage! - “Beam me up Scotty!”

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