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Orchestrator 2012 RTM Licence Expired?

Just a heads up on a little issue which was recently experienced by one of my colleagues with their Orchestrator 2012 Server.

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SCVMM Unsupported Cluster Configuration

This has got to be favourite message which VMM kindly offers to share with me, just when I think everything is smelling of rose’s. It’s fair to say that 99% of the time this is related to the logical networks in VMM missing a definition for a network which the virtual machine appears to be using, but the odd time this can just be a proper pain.110612_1247_FixingUnsup1

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CSV Volume Free Space

Working with Mounted file systems is cool; but there is one real pain, how do you quickly find out your remaining capacity?

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Remote Debugging Orchestrator IP

A little which ago Robert Hearn (now sadly Ex-Microsoft) posted a really useful guide on how to use the Visual Studio debugger to verity your IP Code while it’s running. If you are spending anytime working in Visual Studio then I urge you to read Roberts post here as this is the basis of what I am going to add today.

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FIM – Sync Server 2010R2 Cluster Build

Out of the box, the FIM Sync server is not delivered as a cluster aware application, but with a little research, tweaking, and patients we can address this shortfall, and implement this technology in a High Availability solution.

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SCO – PowerShell Wrapper

Many times when I set out to create a Runbook, I will need to revert to using PowerShell until I get the opportunity to compile an Integration Pack for the task. Over the months this has become more of a habit and I ended up creating a template which I now utilize for almost all my .NET Script activates.

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The Great Big Hyper-V Survey of 2012

Its time for The Great Big Hyper-V Survey of 2012, and we want your perspective. Would you believe that 1 year has passed since we launched our first independent Hyper-V survey to get an insight into how you felt, and used Microsoft’s Virtualisation platform, and its supporting management technologies.

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Upgrade to WSUS 2012

Still running an old WSUS server, hate the idea of needing to approve all your updates again; then don't. Using the steps outlined you should be able to export the data, and import it into your nice new 2012 WSUS server. (Read more...)

SCCM 2012 Moving the Database

Ready to move that database to my new SQL instance which I have installed on my Site Server, I start off the exercise

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SCCM 2012 and SQL Certificates

As the journey proceeds to move the databases off my shared SQL to local copies, I had the pleasure of yet another fantastic SQL related issue; this time really out to drive me nuts.

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