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27 July 2021Category :
Tags :

AD - Administrative Limits

Tags : AD
Active Directory Database limits restricts your ability to manage objects - Learn how to quickly fix the problem

I recently ran into an issue with a particular environment where Active Directory and PKI services were deployed. One of the service accounts which I was attempting to ‘unlock’ refused to co-operate and instead offered the most unhelpful message. Administrative limit for this request was exceeded - this was not my first time encountering the message, previously this haunted me while I was managing a Windows PKI infrastructure and with some quick searches, confirmed my initial suspicion.

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Bicep - Tags as Parameters

23 July 2021Category : Azure
Deploying infrastructure ARM Templates to Azure, but using Tags and their respective value as the parameter configuration settings

In a post earlier, we look at using arm to lookup the value of tags' at both the Subscription and Resource Level. With Bicep this is much easier to understand. This is the same lab configuration as in the original post, but this time to code should be a lot more readable. // Sample to lookup tag values // Both Subscription and Resource Level @description('The resource ID of the resource we wish to look up a tag from.

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Streaming Vynil On Sonos

21 February 2021Category : IoT
Mixup some Vyinl Oldies, a little Ice to cast, and a PI for some energy, and your ready to go

A little known trivia - I was once a Disc Jokey, and spent a lot of my youth behind the decks, in clubs around the West Of Ireland. Today, I still am the proud owner of a very large collection of Vynil and CD music, which of course deserves to get a second life with my digital streaming audio system powered by Sonos USB Turntable Streamer I own a really nice turntable which is modeled on the Legendary Technical SL1200 MK3, which I am so well aquatinted with, including the awesome Citronix DJ Console which was home to 2 of these beauties in so many clubs way back when…

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Azure IaC - Tags as Parameters

Deploying infrastructure ARM Templates to Azure, but using Tags and thier respective value as the parameter configuration settings

In the post, I am going to introduce a concept which will allow you to greatly up your Infrastructure as Code game, by using Azure as a State Machine! One of the typical challenges when deploying ARM templates, is the sheer number of parameters which we find as a requirement to complete a deployment; which as you will appreciate gets considerably harder as we target many environments. There are a number of methods to address this, including the use of Parameter files or Continuous deployment variables; each with their own challenges.

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