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Change Detection using Oxidized

Tags : General
Oxidized is a Linux based service which has the ability to monitor a device’s configuration, including software and hardware. Current configuration is backed up from each device and stored to a GIT repository to maintain history of changes.

The process is very simple: Login to each device in the router list router.db, Run Commands to get the information that will be saved Clean the output Commit the Changes to GIT Repository The tool is coded in Ruby, and implements a Domain Specific Language (DSL) for interaction. Finally, there is a Web based User experience included in the solution so we can get a fast overview of the world.

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29 June 2020Category :
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Azure Functions Scaffolding

Tags : General
Dependency injection is an approach to solve inversion of control that facilitates components that are easier to test and mock. To better understand dependency injection, this article walks through the creation of a simple DI framework and explains step-by-step how it works.

Most of my time is spent working on Governance in Azure; and while the cloud native plumbing is amzaing, there are still some gaps which need to be filled, and my go-to tool of choice is Azure Functions. One of the products which I oversee the devleopment of is called the ‘Concierge’ and recently maintaining it has been a challange instead of a joy. It was architected with Fuctions v1 principals, and its well time for a look inside the tool box.

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Azure EA - Delegating Privileges

Delegating Azure Enterprise Agreement Owner privileges to a Service Principal (SPN)

EA Department / Account Administrator

Under the Enterprise agreement we have some different Persona’s, which have quite different abilities and operations upon which they are permitted to preform.

Before we being the process of delegation, It is important to understand this Hierarchy, so we can correctly proceed with the technical work ahead.

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Azure IaC - Function Keys

Retrieve the Function Host Keys while deploying an ARM template

Todays conundrum: As I deploy a new Function Application, I need a simple methodology to retrieve the Host Keys for the function application so that I validate the deployment has been successful; and potentially pass on the key to related services, for example API Management.

As before, I am leveraging templates, and will stay cloud native; this time depending on the functions Output ability to present the keys.

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