Running FastLED on the Dual-Core ESP32

FastLED Package

There are many projects posted over the web which implement the excellent FastLED library on the ESP12 processor; however locating a project which implements this on the more powerful sibling is a lot more difficult.

So, with a few failed attempts and a lot of patching samples together; I have a stable running implementation which you can clone or fork to get up and running quickly with your own projects.

The sample includes 2 different sequences, a simple moving dot; and a more colorful Cylon effect.

The code is complied within Visual Studio Code; with the Platform.IO environment; and includes a working settings file while will automatically install the required libraries, ready to compile and flash to your device.

Check out the repo on GitHub @ https://github.com/DamianFlynn/ESP32FastLED; and if you have issues please use the tracker.



Damian Flynn

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