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//2019: Happy New Year

2019: Happy New Year

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Welcome to 2019

First, allow me to thank all of you that are continuing to read this blog; despite the drought which I am predicting has now passed. I have a long list of topics which I wish to address in detail throughout the year; focused on the areas which I am most passionate.


Last year I had the opportunity to meet a lot of you in various parts of the globe, primarily speaking at some significant events; including the ‘Nordic NIC Conference’, ‘Cloud and Datacenter Conference’, ‘Tech Camp’ and ‘Experts Live’.

I am somewhat disappointed to have learned that after 3 years presenting at the NIC Conference, this year I wont be returning, due to concerns of competition (community spirit?) as I am involved with the management of the Azure Track for the new Experts Live Norway event; happening on May 29th in Oslo!

I have been accepted to present at some different conferences throughout 2019; most specifics a little later.


Working with Azure Infrastructure on a daily basis; I have much to share related to many exciting technologies including Terraform, Azure Resource Manager, DevOps Pipelines, Policies, and Governance


After much fun during Christmas, I also plan to share some insights into Home Automation and related technologies; Some of these are foundational, and leverage open source offers including OpenHAB and Home-Assistant; others integrate directly with Azure to leverage the IoT hub and AI services which it has to offer trough standards like MQTT.

I also anticipate covering some more device-specific technologies; including a standard from my past DMX512, which has evolved to a new cool standard e1.31. Hint - From Dj Lights to Christmas Lights; but don’t worry; I promise to decrypt is jargon on the way!

Roll On 2019

If you have any topics or questions which you believe I should be able to help explain, or should be considered as topics for some posts, presentations or webinars; then please do let me know; either via mail, twitter or comments on this blog.



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