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AD - Administrative Limits

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Active Directory Database limits restricts your ability to manage objects - Learn how to quickly fix the problem

I recently ran into an issue with a particular environment where Active Directory and PKI services were deployed. One of the service accounts which I was attempting to ‘unlock’ refused to co-operate and instead offered the most unhelpful message. Administrative limit for this request was exceeded - this was not my first time encountering the message, previously this haunted me while I was managing a Windows PKI infrastructure and with some quick searches, confirmed my initial suspicion.

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Azure EA - Delegating Privileges

Delegating Azure Enterprise Agreement Owner privileges to a Service Principal (SPN)

EA Department / Account Administrator

Under the Enterprise agreement we have some different Persona’s, which have quite different abilities and operations upon which they are permitted to preform.

Before we being the process of delegation, It is important to understand this Hierarchy, so we can correctly proceed with the technical work ahead.

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