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Static Comments

Tags : Azure
Implementing Comments on a Static Site

At this point we are almost ready to go live with our site, however, one of the cornerstones to growing and sharing is communication. Wordpress In the world of Wordpress, this was a standard core feature, which leveraged the fact that the pages were rendered on demand from a backend database. In this scenario, the same approach is offered to maintain a commenting platform. However, as I noted earlier; given that Wordpress powers a very large portion of the blogging surface of the internet; it is an obvious target for hacking, just refer to the CVS database for a glimpse of what this looks like in reality.

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Adding Content Flow

Tags : Azure
Using pipelines for flow static site content between markdown and foundation

With the heavy lifting done in creating the site building mechanics and a solid foundation to build and share upon; our final objective is to automate the process of connecting these two stages. Release Pipeline Technically the goal we are speaking about is the Release Pipeline which will take the artefact (our site .ZIP file) that we created in the Build Pipeline in our previous topic Constructing a new Home with Jekyll and Azure DevOps; and publish this to our storage account.

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Laying Foundations in Azure

Tags : Azure
Laying the foundation in Azure for a Static Site

Hosting my site on Wordpress was not super complex; I leveraged the Azure PaaS Services for Web Apps, and orginally the 3rd party support for hosted MySQL database’s. Once I was up and running I quickly realised that all media hosted on the site were landing on the webserver, so a plugin from its marketplace offered the ability to relocate the media to an Azure Blob; offloading some of the challanges.

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Constructing a new Home with Jekyll and Azure DevOps

Tags : Azure
Building a new Static Site in Markdown, using Jekyll, GIT Flow and Azure DevOps

One of the unspoken truths behind the lack of posts in recent history was due to a few bugs, which in the end resulted in an experience where from home it appeared that any new content was published and working; but outside this fortress in the real world, there was a large silence echoing. I really only discovered this issue in May of this year, and was, to say the least, a little agitated with the situation and decided then to change the approach to how I save my notes and share my thoughts.

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