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Guacamole Azure Appliance

Steps to deploy Guacamole on Azure.

Apache Guacamole is a free and open source web application which lets you access your dashboard from anywhere using a modern web browser. It is a clientless remote desktop gateway which only requires Guacamole installed on a server and a web browser supporting HTML5. Guacamole is the best way to keep multiple instances accessible over the internet. Once you add an instance to Guacamole, you don’t need to remember the password as it can securely store the credentials.

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Installing Docker and Compose on Raspbian Buster

Steps to install Docker and Docker-compose on a Raspbian Buster PI.

Quickly update a new Raspberry Pi, which has an install of Raspbian Buster with Docker and Docker-compose. Docker This is simple, as the Docker team have done all the work curl -fsSL -o sh And, we can add our user to the Docker group so we do not need the sudo every time. I am using the environment variable $USER; which indicates who is logged in currently. In my case this is the user pi.

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