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Streaming Vynil On Sonos

21 February 2021Category : IoT
Mixup some Vyinl Oldies, a little Ice to cast, and a PI for some energy, and your ready to go

A little known trivia - I was once a Disc Jokey, and spent a lot of my youth behind the decks, in clubs around the West Of Ireland. Today, I still am the proud owner of a very large collection of Vynil and CD music, which of course deserves to get a second life with my digital streaming audio system powered by Sonos USB Turntable Streamer I own a really nice turntable which is modeled on the Legendary Technical SL1200 MK3, which I am so well aquatinted with, including the awesome Citronix DJ Console which was home to 2 of these beauties in so many clubs way back when…

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CBus MQTT Bridge on Raspberry PI

10 October 2019Category : IoT
Installing C-Gate on a Raspberry Pi, and adding a MQTT Bridge.

Turn back to 2007; My wife and I built our home, integrating many smart technologies, including the Clipsal C-Bus lighting system. This solution is classified as a Prosumer technology, and is designed to integrate into whole house automation systems. The C-Bus system implements however a proprietary technology, and utilizes a communication protocol which is not ‘open source’; however, accepting a license agreement will permit access to this protocol for creating an programming interface.

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