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Ignite 2019 - Web Application Gateway and Firewall

Delivering PaaS Services Privately on Azure VNets with Private Link

Ignite Session: BRK3169 Presenter: Amit Srivastava Mission Critical HTTP Applications, there are many things to consider Personalized, Micro-Services, Rich Context…. To support this MS have a number of services i the Suite - Azure Frontdoor, Application Gateway, Azure CDN, Web Application Firewall, Azure Load Balancer, and Azure Traffic Manager Azure Application Gateway Regional Gateway as a service Feature Description Platform managed Built in high availability and scalability) Layer 7 balancing URL Path, Host based, round robin, session affinity, redirection Security and SSL management WAF, SSL Offload, SSL Re-Encryption, SSL Policy Public or ILB Public, Internal or Both Flexible backends VMs, VMSS, AKS, Public IP, Cloud Services, ALB.

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